VENNER Episode 1 Collectors Edition

published Nov 9th - 152 views

I got mad stoked for skiingseason and was checking out some old edits we made and at the same time Spotify sent me this new song by Foster The People and I dont really listen to Foster The People but I checked it out as I was watching the edit without sound and some of the parts blew me away. It is not 100% perfect, but it is interesting to see how much the song makes me enjoy the edit in a different way, especially since a lot of us watch skiing content in shorter format and often without sound whatsoever.

Original Episode with Friends Theme Song can be found here:

This edit means a lot to me so maybe its just me, but the parts I liked the most were from 01:07 to 01:23 and Eriks part from 02:12 to 02:37. No editing of footage, but I cut the song 7 seconds to make the afterbangpart fit because that was the part that made me try this on the first listen.

Erik Stai
Emil Larsen
Fartein Bowitz
Lars Lomsdalen
Stian Killi
Magnus Øversveen
Jeppe Solberg

Idk guys this might sound weird but I had a bad winter last year and I am feeling like a 12year old waiting to get back to Norway so I can ski this winter.

If you watch both edits and dont really see it, at least I made you watch 6 minutes of skiing so that counts for something, right?

Playtime: 00:03:25



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