Simon Bartik - Slav in America

published Oct 2018 - 12,443 views

My Murica experience. Superunknown XV, Mammoth, animals that run and eat stuff, filler phone shots and so on. Hope you will like it if you find some time in nowadays fast instastory world. I wrote more about my trip on vimeo, read the story if you want to. Thanks to Level 1, Mammoth Mountain and Snowpanic for this awesome trip.

Thanks for the shots: Josh Berman, Jonny Durst (Airblaster), Carlo L. Mion, Daniel Kushnarevich, Ian Avery-Leaf, Evan Heath, Ethan Timmons, Milan Formanek.

Special thanks to: Jessy Desjardins, Sam Zahner, Calvin Barret, Mike Cappola, all the filmers, Jakub Janousek, Carlo L. Mion, Remco Kayser, Martin Cermak, Dan Villaire, Davide De Siati, Laura Obermayer, Gavin Rudy, My friends and family, love you.

Featuring also Jessy Desjardins, Remco Kayser, Phil Gauchier, Phil Clairoux, Ethan Swadburg, Gavin Rudy, Mike Cappola, Sam Zahner.

Check out my ig for some more skiing in case you liked it:
And thanks for supporting me through the season: Czech Ski, Armada Skis, Out Of, Snowpanic, Big Shock.



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