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Cut from the end of my Scandi Tour video.
I just wanted to show everybody all the golden hours and swervy skiers and such! Oliver OlpanPolpan Karlberg had us for a phenomenal event wayyyy up on some Fjalls! Highlights were eating salmon lunch in our slippers, the local crowd of party people, golden hour, and the massive squad of homies that came through!!! Fr I met all these lil swedish young bucks just so dank at skiing and all such good friends I love all of you!

Kimbo had the gang over @ Klappen Snowpark the dankest park on planet earth! Highlights start from the second we showed up I swear I have never felt such a crazy good vibe literally the instant we got out of the car! Every other homie who showed up was def feeling the same type of way! So we had some amazingly lavish cabins with hot tubs, saunas and @monster! We had a park hand shaped by the klappen OG's with rollers and anti-gravity zones, and straight up just dank conditions, plus we had the keys to the rope tow! You cannot have a better Golden Hour setup than at Kimbosessions! The park faces West and literally soaks up every last drop of that golden shine. SHOUT OUT SKI BOSS for hyping me up on the backflip and shout out everybody man I swear these vibes were off the roof and you should stop reading this and peep the cut to realllllly get it! Thanks 4 tuning in! - Wabs

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