Drinkbutter presents: Chargin' & Margarine

published Dec 2017 - 12,822 views

This will be Drinkbutter's fourth feature length film. New locations, new friends, but same end result. This is a film about friendship, and ultimately what can come out of skiing with your homies.

Special Thanks to ON3P skis / Bloom Outerwear / Giro Snow
Shot on location at: Alta Ski Area, Timberline Lodge, and Snowbird

Thanks to the Filmers: Alex Mager, Wyatt Kadwit, Jazz Vitale, Hunter Cornelison, James Jensen

Skiers in order of appearance: Homies, Jack Graham, Quan Cameo, Smeegs, Adam Scheer, Mike Mastromarino, Davis Lentz, Brian Allen, Jaxxon & Noah Heaton, Ryan Vitale, & Jazz Vitale.

Credit: Created by @drinkbutter |

Location: Alta, Snowbird, Timberline, Grizzly

Artist: lots

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