Trollhaugen : Human Being : Thirsty - Ep 1, Vol 2 - 2017/18

published Nov 2017 - 9,881 views

File gone. File here:
Parched from a long Summer of skate, camp, & life, the Midwest humans of the wax & wood set have returned to join trolls in welcoming the return of Winter. Stoked to transform water into flake, cause these Human Beings are thirsty! Nick Schoess persents the evidence. Welcome back humans!

Film/Edit: Nick Schoess

Additional Filming: Drew Ahlstrom, Kian Barrett, Bjorin Melin

Music: Poplar Street- The Glass Animals

Graphic Design: David Duea

Skiing: Sam Lobinsky, Kian Barrett, Drew Ahlstrom, Nick Schoess, Bjorn Melin, David Duea, Paddy Flanagan, Richard Thomas, Mike Kennedy, Lucas Green

Nick Schoess' Special Thanks: Dave Sutton, Trollhaugen, Trollhaugen Park Crew, Val, David Duea, Mike Kennedy, Mom & Dad, Mary & Mark, Pinewskis, Aaron Hunter, Cory Pinewski, Dan Pinewski, Trevor Slattery, The Train Park, Karl Bekkala, Derek Lee, Kael,The Stuga, Kian Barrett, Hannah Peterson, Ken-Dozer, Shane Nelson, ON3P skis, BP gas station, Newschoolers, and every single last one of you viewers

Credit: Nick Schoess

Skier: Locals & locos

Location: Trollhaugen

Artist: The Glass Animals

Backyard setup Midwest Rails Park Jumps People Edits North America


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