Tristan Martin-Preney 16/17

published Oct 2017 - 719 views

When it comes to season edits people can get awfully critical about music choice, style, variety of tricks etc. and that includes me. But everyone's gotta remember that it's just skiing. Opinions and comments will be made and that's ok, you just can't take stuff too personally, at the end of the day we all love skiing and that's all that really matters. So to everyone out there who's thought about putting together an edit, either legit or on your cell-phone, do it!

This is my self edit from 16/17 and ya there's a classic sketchy double for the ending shot. But for me it's my first one and there's a bit of a story to the jump:

My buddy Taylor originally had the idea to check this gravel pit out for some creative skiing. There's a bunch of stuff you can do there but one mound of dirt just looked destined to be a jump. But when we tried it out we just couldn't get the speed. We decided to come back the following fall and see if we could move some dirt around to improve the jump and our speed issues. This cycle went on for the next 3 years and finally, this last winter it really started working. Both my friend Marley and I stomped doubles and showed the spot to a few other local riders. It was a good year for the gravel pit, little did we know it was the last year for our big jump. The gravel pit is actively used and big piles of waste concrete have been dumped right on the run in, so thats the end of that. And that's my jump story, thanks for reading!

song: One More Tear to Cry - Mac DeMarco

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