SKI PSA: Fun Without Meth

published Sep 2017 - 2,957 views

Danny is a creature of the Oregonian forests and like most of us, he is a creature of habit. However, unlike most of us, his habit was meth. Not at all from Danny, we learned that it is in fact possible to have fun without meth.

At one point, Danny said, "One night I did 3 eightballs of coke and didn't get high. The next day I got some meth". Major Druggo.

Fun with friends in the forest and on the mountain is what Hood is about for us.

Riders: Jack Graham, Ian Avery-Leaf, Zach "Smeegs" Preobrazhensky, Jon Fox and Sam Horton

Shot/cut: Alex Mager
Music: "Whisperilllistentohearit" by Spoon

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