thomas.trifonitchev - S17

published Jun 2017 - 1,364 views

It's been a while since i've done an actual season recap...but after about 3 years i've thought it's time for another one again. So i chose my favorite footage of this season and put them together. Although there are a couple i wanted be filmed but i never managed to do so...
@thomastrifonitchev (IG)
Thanks to Alex Gernhäuser,Dennis Ranalter,Severin Guggemoos and many more who took their time to shoot me.
Additionally thanks to @SagaOuterwear @Lineskis @Fulltiltboots @Markerproducts @Smithoptics for the support. (Flo,Marian,Jerm)
Shot on GoPro and Canon 7D
Song: "Be your love" by Bishop briggs

Europe Art Park Edits Rails


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