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Indie ski movie - Spring 2017
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English
Shot in: Mielakka Snowpark / Kouvola city, Tampere & Pirkkala / Finland
Skiers: Patrik Lilja (Elan Local Hero) & Atte Leppäsalo
Voyage is short ski movie about two friends having a two days of good time at Mielakka Snowpark. Movie is also about Finnish spring, travelling, beer, sauna and shredding.
I have never shot a video about skiing or filmed while skiing my self and that is how the idea for this clip was born, to try it out. We wen't to Mielakka Snowpark at Kouvola city here in Finland for a two days and after that we made a short story around it. Main idea was just to go and film and have some fun while doing it, so we did. I hope you enjoy watching it!

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