How to give yourself 12 months of rehab from skiing. Warning: graphic injury

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Big White 08/04/17

Taking a lap through the small lane doing tricks I've done plenty of times before, when I managed to tear my ACL, MCL and meniscus all in one shot. I've since had surgery to repair the ACL and cut out a piece of meniscus. Fortunately the MCL is healing without intervention.

The reason this injury occurred was because the binding on my right ski stuck and didn't release when it definitely should have, when I landed I instantly felt the pop and my knee buckled sideways until it touched the snow. Easily the worst injury I've done to myself and the most pain I've found myself in.

Shout out to Big White Ski Patrol for getting me down the hill and hooking me up to a nitrous tank. Also big love for the doctors and surgeons back in Australia who put my knee back together again.

Nothing but criticism of Kelowna General Hospital who had me wait 6 hours and pay 1100 dollars to send me out on crutches with no brace telling me I would be fine to walk on it in a few days. This caused me to fall again in my house extending the damage.

All in all 1/10 would not recommend.

Skier: Jezza Golden

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