Moving Mountain - It was all a dream

published Mar 2017 - 540 views

This video is our contribution to a film competition with a charitable purposes, organized by the Moving Mountain. The money Moving Mountain earned during this event was given to Protect out Winters and St Anton Mountain Rescue. During 2,5 days you had to film and edit a ski movie, which was done on March 9 to 11. The first day offered really bad weather with massive amounts of rain. During day Two the sun came out but due to heavy snowfall at high altitudes and other hazards large parts of the system here in St Anton was closed. This contributed to the fact that large parts of the filming was done on day 2. Day 3 invited sun and heat, but the whole day was spent to edit and submit the film.

After really bad circumstances, camera trouble and computer trouble we was done and handed in the film. It did not go as planned, but we gave it our best.

The storyline of our film is that Gustav Haglund dreams that he founds a magic bandana (Moving Mountain bandana) that makes him a good skier.

Thanks for the music Ehrling,

Jumps Big Mountain Sequences Edits Competition Europe Backcountry Powder


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