Trollhaugen : Human Being : Swift - Ep 5, Vol 1 - 2016/17

published Mar 2017 - 14,303 views

The skiing is fast. The tricks come furious. Keep your eyes on the hill and your finger on the trigger - these humans are swift!
Music: Something's Got a Hold of My Toe - Traffic, Medicated Goo - Traffic
Filming: Nick Schoess
Additional Filming: Alex Havey, Bjorn Hub
Editing: Nick Schoess
Skiing: Matt Wunderlich, Erik Bergerson, Jon Fox, Paddy Flanagan, Nick Schoess, Noah Odegard, Allen Lam, Patrick Ring, Ian Compton, Ben Neeson, Matt Krohn, Nick Foster, Tyler, Drew Patton, Lucas Green, David Duea, Kian Barrett, Richard Thomas, Ken-Dozer, Courtney Osborn, Mike Kennedy
Special Thanks: Dave Sutton, Trollhaugen, Pinewskis Ski and Boardshp, The Train Park, Alex Havey, Adam Kaye (Snowboarder who pulled Kian into the jump), Aaron Hunter, Cory Pinewski, Dan Pinewski, Trevor Pinewski, Valerie Weekes, Mom/Dad, Ken-Dozer, ON3P, Newschoolers, Bjorn, Stuga Staff, Water, Trollhaugen Park Crew, Kian Barrett, and everybody who comes out and has a wonderful time with all of us. We love all of you!
Insta edit song: Feelin Good - Traffic

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