How to get sponsored

published Feb 2017 - 3,679 views

This is one of the biggest goals I set for myself growing up and I went about it wrong for a while. I tried sending videos out to every company seeing if any would respond, which none ever did. I should have just spent that energy working harder on my skiing abilities so that I got better.

It is imperative that you are a good role model and inspiration to others in order to think about getting sponsored. Remember you never know when someone might be watching and notice the way you act. Most companies do not want you out there partying, drinking, and smoking because that is not a good representation of their company.

The four steps I go over are:

Step 1: Having a good attitude all the time. This is important no matter what you are doing and you never know when someone is watching so it is really important you always try and be positive and encouraging

Step 2: Having a good work ethic, it's super important you have a good work ethic. Companies want to see you working hard all the time, that is what will help set you apart from others.

Step 3: Have results. Having results shows companies what you have already accomplished which could be helpful or hurtful. Having a lot of awesome results (tons of views on videos and good comp results) will dramatically increase your chances of getting sponsored.

Step 4: Being charismatic. Being a likable person is really important so that companies feel you are a valuable asset to their company. This also helps with networking, knowing people is extremely helpful in getting sponsored; so if you do not know anyone, go to ski shops and ask for reps contact info that way you can start to get to know people.

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