Lifetime Urban Ski Edit

published Dec 2016 - 1,325 views

Matt Koskinen's Lifetime Urban Edit
It's been since 2014 since I've hit a handrail or urban set up and in 2014 I didn't grease the rail I was attempting. So, I thought I'd go back through all my years of urban skiing and compile them into a lifetime urban edit. There were a few seasons I hit only a few handrails or none at all due to injury or lack of snow including; 2004 due to an ACL tear on Hylands big public jump, 2007 and 2012 due to lack of snow. 4:17-5:17 features shots all from around Edina High School where I graduated in 2004. If I ever hit any streets up again on a pair of skis, you can be sure I'll take photos/video. As I just moved to Vail in November 2016, I hope to hit up some sick pow this year and in the future. If you are at the age of making season edits, cherish it! Time flies when you are having fun on a pair of skis. Like Warren Miller says, "If you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do."
Edited by Matt Koskinen
Locations - Minnesota and Utah
Featuring footage from 2001-2014
Thanks to everyone who shot, helped, and inspired me over the years.
John Koskinen, Sally Koskinen, Saara Koskinen
My Grandparents, My Cousins, Patty Piazza
Anne Burgeson, Scotti Koskinen, Josh Hanson, All my Family
Bill Kelly, Lance Seeman, Ryan Dvorak, Everly Gohman, Brett Renard
Martin Sundquist, Lewis Sundquist, Jacob Iverson, Doug Herman
Ted Brightbill, John Hodge, David Enestvedt, Caleb Gilbertson, Cody Ling
Craig Weiler, Travis Gienger, Turkula's, Lynch's, Alex Mager, Willie Borm
Paul Prins, Eric Iberg, Shane Nelson, Cody Carter, Brandon Husak, T-Hall
Kyle Schenkelberg, Michael Hibbs, Kory Kirby, Willis Engelhart, Mamalakis
Zack Mertz, Skier Steve Janisch, Nick Schoess, John Knopf, Seth Shuster
Team Nybora, Armada, Inspired Media, Pamela Goldsten
Anyone I forgot, you know who you are. THANKS!
Listed in the corner of the screen is the season each shot was taken.
Alleluia - Vidimus Stellam
Minneap'lis, Minnesota - Rufus Lumley
17 Days - Prince



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