Trollhaugen : Human Being : Human - Ep 1, Vol 1 - 2016/17

published Dec 2016 - 4,605 views

When the trolls determined to commit to memory the progression of the Midwest freestyle/park ski scene at Troll, we began our search for a human who's personality was as bright, bizarre, and brazen as our own to document the goings on. Having gotten to know Troll local Nick Schoess/Milk Mayhem/Butterlicious/@kendozersbrother over the last few seasons, the search lasted about 0.7 seconds.

In our first installment of the new Trollhaugen series 'Human Being', we focus glass on a cast of humans slated to create digital memories all season long. Enjoy! | Trollhaugen : Human Being : Human - Episode 1 | Featuring: Matt Wunderlich, Kian Barrett, Richard Thomas, Lucas Green, Mihailo, Sam Lobinsky, Ben Neeson, John Knoph, David Duea, Ben Zins, Paddy Flanagan

Film/Edit: Nick Schoess
Music: The Mystery Lights- Too Tough to Bear
Produced by DS x Trollhaugen

Credit: Film/Edit: Nick Schoess

Location: Trollhaugen

Music: The Mystery Lights- Too Tough to Bear

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