El Nino que no Llego

published Nov 2016 - 182 views

"There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love."
-Martin Luther King

Last winter, we were promised the "GODZILLA el nino", only to have it be an (almost exactly) average winter. But when you're 30 years old, an average season doing what you love with exceptional people is nothing to complain about.

I'm pretty sure MLK didn't ski, but his holiday is the #1 ski weekend of the year. So, I present: "El nino que no Llego".

Looking forward to learning new tricks in my 30s.


Credit: Cheech Sander

Skier: Cheech Sander and friends

Location: Mammoth Mountain

Playtime: 00:06:04

Music: Quinn XCII - Another Day in Paradise


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