Paul Marik - TORN

published Nov 2016 - 5,606 views

Didn't hit urban last season... Oops! These are some of my favorite shots to make up for it.

Filming by Ryan Ruffing, Zach Lastrilla, Seth Leinbach, Alex Havey, and Carter Allen.

Thanks to Full Tilt Boots, Les Moise, Doc, Treefort Lifestyles, Royal Outerwear, Unaffiliated Productions, NorthPull Winches, and Line

Unaffiliated Productions:

Credit: Unaffiliated Productions

Skier: Paul Marik

Location: Wisco

Playtime: 00:02:53

Artist: The Celestics

Music: 173(pipo version) ft. Waldo

Edits Midwest Rails Street


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