Sander, Sean, and Noah-MSP Athlete Edit-2016

published Oct 2016 - 4,193 views

MSP Films athlete edit from "Ruin and Rose." Stoked to share a part with Seany J and Noah Wallace.
Sean and I spent time skiing pillows at Golden Alpine Holidays with Hoji, Markus Eder, Michelle Parker and T Rains. Epic crew that I learned a lot from.
Sure was a mind fu$% being thrown straight into the mix at a backcountry lodge only touring. It was a very humbling experience. Pillow skiing is extremely difficult. Watching Hoji ski in person is like watching professional skateboarding with your own eyes, it's mind blowing. T Rains is a true master jedi. Markus slays in all aspects. Michelle rips hard.

Sean and I then went to Tahoe. Our trip got the plug pulled on it after just 2 days and 1 road gap session in as temperatures climbed into the 50's.

Sean and Noah got to session the Whistler jump. Looks like things went off. Awesome to see Sean's classic style in the air and Noah bringing his own spice too.

Big thanks to Scott Hibbert at Under Armour for making this stuff happen.


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