Back Country and Urban Montage!!!

published Jul 2016 - 1,800 views

Here is some Back Country and Urban Ski footage Ive shot over the years. The Back Country footage is a little newer and Ive had a blast meeting all the different pro skiers that I have met over the years.

Riders: Tanner Hall, Tony Seibert, Taylor Seaton, Jon Brogan, Nick Martini, Will Wesson, Liam Downey, Mike Hornbeck, Matt Heffernan, Matt Luczkow, Ras Jacob, Lupe Hagearty, LJ Strenio, Lucas Evans, Andy Parry, Corey Roberts, Chappy Geer, Trent Jones...

Credit: Scott Klumb at SMK Media

Skier: T Hall,Lupe,Seaton,Martini,Seibert,Wesson,Hornbeck

Location: Colorado/Utah



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