Chambers of Reflection: Greasy Media x Drinkbutter

published Apr 2016 - 2,227 views

Greasy media teamed up with Drinkbutter this season to bring you a new installment to the Drinkbutter videos. We filmed all season at Alta and had one hell of a season. Greasy Media followed around Jazz, Ryan, James, and friends trying to get some dope shots for a new video. This is what we came up with and hope you all enjoy. We proudly present Chambers of Reflection.

Skiers: Jazz Vitale, Ryan Vitale, James Jensen, Sean Ward, Adam Scheer, and Colin Becker.

#stay greasy

Credit: @Greasy_Media

Skier: the cult

Location: Alta Ski Area

Artist: Mac Demarco

Music: Chambers of Reflection



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