Aidan Sheahan - "Hanjinja"

published Apr 2016 - 920 views

Experiencing an enjoyment in producing music, I recently moved to Seattle. This was filmed prior to moving out west, where I produced the first track Hanjinja. I have really enjoyed playing shows with the music I have created, live music is an entirely different experience than producing and riding to the tracks I create, and something I would like to experience more of in the upcoming years. Huge thanks to Ljaycinema for filming this, vital films for making things happen, my family, friends, Jiberish, High Society, Aspen, and Smith Optics.
Heavily influenced by stefan thomas.
-Eternal Life-
Film: Loren James Creer
Edit: Aidan Sheahan
Enjoy the movie,

Credit: Ljaycinema

Skier: Aidan Sheahan

Location: Aspen

Artist: Sunfeathr



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