Freeski Playoffs - official recap

published Apr 2016 - 53 views

2nd edition of the Freeski Playoffs in La Rosière (France).

- The Freeski Playoffs are a single-elimination (knockout) freestyle skiing competition, loosely based on the NHL playoff concept.
-16 participants, some of the best riders on the international scene, will challenge each
other in a "Big Air" duel.
- Of the 16 riders, 8 will represent the World conference and 8 the France conference.
- The ?matches? will be set up by way of a draw.
- In the final, the winner of the World conference will go head-to-head with the winner
of the France conference.
- The judgment give advantage to style.

Riders :
Noah Wallace (USA)
Matt Walker (USA)
James Woods (UK)
Fabian Bosch (SUI)
Kai Mahler (SUI)
John Brown (USA)
Aleksi Patja (FIN)
Till Matti (SUI)
Jules Bonnaire (FRA)
Hugo Laugier (FRA)
Quentin Ladame (FRA)
David Bonneville (FRA)
Julien Eustache (FRA)
Ben Buratti (FRA)
Nathan Gaidet (FRA)
Cesar Fabre (FRA)

Credit: JE Films - La Rosiere

Skier: Matt Walker, Noah Wallace, James Woods, Kai Mahler

Location: La Rosiere (France)

Playtime: 00:03:52

Artist: Credits at the end of the video

Music: Credits at the end of the video



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