Snapchat: A Year in Review

published Apr 2016 - 11,292 views

Bonus movie from The Boolers Ball.

It's good to not rely 100% on filming your season's bangers on Snapchat since the app can crash or your phone can die, but every now and then, it'll surprise you when the Snapchat angle turns out better than the shot from an actual cam.

Good Snapchat stories are a work of art and while we can't say we're fully there yet, here's a recap of 2014-2015 after Moisty Fred threw his flip-phone off a bridge and moved on to the world of broken iPhone screens, stair-set selfies, and pissing off the homies by trying to film their urban heaters on a smartphone app.

Snapchat is a LIVE version of YouTube where you can produce home-movies and share them instantaneously with the world. Don't underestimate the value of this app ;) Snapchat is the future!

Credit: Deadweight Dan

Skier: Them bangup boiz

Location: Dirtnapping on a cozy patch of grass near the club


Music: Chingy, Messy Marv, Traxamillion, Festival Bangers



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