Getting Bunchy In The Club

published Mar 2016 - 3,143 views

Trending styles in freeskiing often get reflected by our day-to-day lifestyle choices like afterbanging out of the principles office when you get caught smoking doja behind the cafeteria. Marijuana used to be trendy in the C-Crew days just like Saga used to be trendy for circus clowns but these days, it's all about keeping it real "true" dangly, wavy.. "bunchy." Letting your inner creativity flow naturally like a flock of birds in the Nebraska countryside sky.

Getting bunchy is not for everyone, especially those of you who listen to gabber music and stay up all night on some methy vibes.. but to the real ones, there's nothing wrong with letting your body (arms especially) flow to the music when your favorite Adele song comes on in the club. Be one with yourself and the energy around you and next thing you know, the whole club will be getting bunchy AF.

Disclaimer: We recommend getting bunchy in more open spaces like outdoor music festivals or the mountains because some people are strung tight and don't appreciate style when it's bumping right into them. "Getting Bunchy With Bae" coming next week.

Credit: The Thizzler

Skier: BlockBoyDunny and Coach Scrappy

Location: Take me to Timberline!!




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