Certified Maximum Refund

published Mar 2016 - 2,908 views


It's tax season and SP owes Uncle Sam a grip. Regrettably, our underpaid/overworked intern, Chad, got lost in the sauce and blew the entirety of our 2016 budget on shitty Trump merchandise, e-juice, and a lifetime supply of Frank's Red Hot. So instead of writing the IRS a check that would undoubtedly bounce, we printed out a 1040 and mailed it to the White House and included some SP stickers and a VHS tape with this video on it. If this is the last edit we put out, its because the Saucemaker has been repo'd and our hard drives were confiscated by the NSA. Thank you.

Film/cut by Brad Kopanke

Simon Knight
Seth Hampson
Jamie Baril
Dylan Manley
Brad Kopanke
Patrick Foster
Ben Merrill
and many more

Credit: Brad Kopanke

Skier: SP



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