Rippin the Bowl - March 2016

published Mar 2016 - 2,627 views

March 14 & 15. From the POV of Derek Roy and Brett Huber. Two nights in a row of Skibowl at it's finest. I haven't ridden pow at Skibowl in about 2 years due to warm seasons and low snowfall, but this was worth the wait! All of Govy made it out to shralp the steep glades and fun cliff features in Upper Bowl. Being able to watch the huckery and listen to homies hoot and holler their way through the white room is way too rad. My abs were more sore from laughing than skiing. This is why I choose to live in Govy!

Skier: Derek Roy, Brett Huber, Dylan Kincaid (SB)

Location: Skibowl, Mt Hood, Oregon

Artist: Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Music: Booty City

Big Mountain


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