The Brothers Brower - Classic Utah

published Mar 2016 - 2,683 views

For the past 4 seasons, the snowfall totals in Utah have been less than ideal, which has been a challenge to filming in the backcountry. However, the mountains of Utah were blessed with great snow during January and February this season. It seemed like every time we went out, we were skiing in a freshly fallen blanket of snow, reminding us of the classic Utah snow that we grew up skiing. The new snow made different zones and cliffs possible, and the deep landings were a welcome treat. Watch us team up with fellow Atomic Athlete Tim Durtschi to drop cliffs, trick jumps, and sink deep turns in the Utah backcountry.

Credit: Atomic, Saga

Skier: Mitchell Brower, Kevin Brower, Tim Durtschi

Location: Utah

Music: Misun - Nobody Knows



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