The Boolers Ball

published Mar 2016 - 25,029 views

Spring break season is here! Thanks to everyone who copped a DVD. Better now than ever to get The Boolers Ball online. Banged Up Friday's has turned into an official holiday and this whole month is essentially just one extended Friday. Nothing more fun than learning new tricks while your friends are partying on the knuckle. To Heffy: your presence is missed but you know damn well that your spirit will always live on!

We now present Hoodcrew's 2015 home-movie (for free :D) filmed 50% on the Powershot and 50% on Snapchat. "Slow your roll and satisfy the soul" coming this summer.

Credit: Shawtylo receptionist w/ the inspiration an Hawaii

Skier: Scrappy, Freed, Meeks, Heffy, A4, Briggs..the team

Location: Not on the couch

Music: Kool and the gang and Thizzler on the roof



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