Budhies Episode 2 : Powder for the Holidays

published Mar 2016 - 4,043 views

We spent our winter holidays skiing in Montana and Whistler in search of deep snow and great times. Some big storms in Montana got us some amazing days at Lost Trail Powder Mountain and Montana Snowbowl. In Whistler we were lucky enough to stay at Bounce Acrobatic and play around on their epic trampolines. We managed to find a balance between park and powder but we still can't decide which we like more. Thanks to everyone that helped us out with filming and skiing during our travels: Bobby Jahrig, Seth Shultz, Corey Vanular, Roxa Ski boots, LTD optics, Pret Helmets, Urban Star Jeans, and Char Poles.

Credit: Bobby Jahrig, Seth Shultz

Skier: Ian Hamilton, Dean Bercovitch, Corey Vanular

Location: Lost Trail, Snowbowl, Whistler

Artist: Syrenne, Shakewell

Music: Simplicity, Indubitable



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