Bush Bandits EP. 4

published Feb 2016 - 7,442 views

The park crew worked vigorously throughout the week to finish constructing our main park on Rimmergrasse. Once the gates were opened up, filmer Cam Willis and the Bandits immediately saddled up for a weekend on Mt. Ellen. With energy pent up from the unseasonable weather in the early season, the Bandits made quick work of the one of a kind setup. Some changes have been made to the roster for episode 4 James and Sam found their way down from the Northeast Kingdom, and greenhorns The Harrington Brothers got their first taste of what Bush Parks has to offer.


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Skiers: Charlie Dayton, Joey Favara, Christian Franchino, Mike Brewer, James Amodeo, Sam Miles, Max Johnson, Alex & Zach Harrington, Donnie York

Film/Edit: Cam Willis

Presented By: HG Skis, Black Strap, and Saga

Credit: Cam Willis

Location: Sugarbush Parks

Playtime: 00:03:10



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