How to 540 on skis

published Feb 2016 - 9,775 views

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Go check out Truman Davenport's soundcloud at Trunova, he is the one that made this sick beat I used for the edit!!!

In this video I go over how to properly 540. I start with explaining the importance of setting the trick properly with a T set just like you would a 360. There is not much of a difference going from a 360 to 540. You literally just have to throw a 360 and then let your body go in a way. Sometimes doing that will help you get past the mental block if you have one. Throwing a 540 on skis is super fun and once you get the rotation down good you can start grabbing in them. I started with mute grabs but there are tons of different grabs you can do. If you wait till 270 to grab and you are balanced you should be able to mix in any grab you like. Good luck!!!

Credit: Everyone who helped film and skis

Skier: Kiernan Fagan, Parker Norvell, Nick Goepper, Carso

Location: Breck, Keystone

Playtime: 00:06:23

Artist: Trunova //Truman Davenport

Music: The Other Side



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