Budhies Episode 1

published Jan 2016 - 2,462 views

Follow us on our adventures in the Budhies web series. After two years of traveling, skiing, and competing together we decided to document our adventures. The word Budhies is a combination of Buddies (Close Friends) and Budh (sanksrit: To Be Awake), we chose this name because we wanted to convey the extraordinary sensation of jumping, turning, and navigating the natural world with your best friends. We started the season off by heading down to Utah for some park skiing at Park City before continuing to Colorado for some days at Keystone. We met up with our Budhies Jonah Williams and Danny Arnold along the way who are some of our favorite people to shred with. We hope you enjoy episode one and continue to follow our adventures. Thanks to our sponsors: Roxa Ski Boots, LTD optics, Pret Helmets, Char Poles, Whistler Bounce and Urbanstar Jeans.

Credit: Budhies

Skier: Ian, Dean, Jonah, and Danny

Location: Park City, Keystone

Artist: Prolific MC

Music: https://soundcloud.com/prolificmc/wiley-beat-kings



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