How to hit jumps switch (switch 180)

published Nov 2015 - 14,336 views

In last weeks tutorial I talked about how to ski switch correctly. I highly recommend you watching that one first. Theses tutorials build off each other and it will help a lot if you learn each step in order. I apologize if this tutorial seems a little repetitive but each tutorial will need to overlap some. Hitting jumps switch used to be something I struggled with until I watched some edits with Tom Wallisch doing switch 10's and I noticed how much he popped. Then once I applied that to myself I saw drastic improvement. I will explain, in even more detail, in next weeks tutorial how doing this will allow you to set any switch trick. Head over to for all my latest info and more edits. Enjoy!

Credit: Alex Keimal

Skier: Jake Muller

Location: Keystone

Playtime: 00:05:51



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