Bomb Snow TV, S3 E2, "That Japan Show"

published Oct 2015 - 1,242 views

In the modern day, a globalized ski industry has transformed the ski bum's dream ski trip into a worldwide powder conquest. What were once 30 hour pilgrimages across the mainland U.S. have become inter-continental journeys through foreign societies. In episode 2 of Bomb Snow TV's 3rd season, the classic ski bum is united with the modern. 4 skiers in their mid 20's join with 4 of their 30, 40, and 50 year old counterparts on an epic journey to the one and only, JAPAN!

Presented by: Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots

Directed & Produced by: Bridger Brigade Productions

Ski stunts performed by Marc Parent, Brian Eckenrod, Travis Andersen, Dylan Crossman, Axel Peterson, Rob Raymond, Randy Evans, & Mitch Evans

Edited by: Axel Peterson

Special Thanks: Rusutsu Resort (Marc Wyckmans & Paul Hanlon), Kamui Ski Links (Kenji Matsuzama), Asahikawa Grand Hotel (Takenori Kasai), Niseko United (Rhett Roylance), Moriarty's Pub (Morgan Cavanaugh), Mike Rogge, Double D & Yoshi

Location: Hokkaido, Japan



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