published Aug 2015 - 4,476 views

Advance is the result of a season chasing snow with friends in both the backcountry and the streets. Our path took us to British Columbia, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Sweden, Russia, and more. Featuring skiers Mike King, Sandy Boville, Chris McKeever, Tobias Sedlacek, Erik Pousette, Sakarias Majander, Leo Bjorklund, Douglas Kallsbo, Ian Hamilton, Danny Arnold, Sam Zahner, Jake Fagrelius, and Tanner Berg. | Rail Damage Warranty

Credit: Mike Kvackay, Liam McKinley

Skier: King, Boville, McKeever, Toyben, Erik, Sakarias, L

Location: Canada, Sweden, Colorado, Montana, Russia

Playtime: 00:08:08



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