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Look around? everyone wants to be progressive in this day and age, it is all about what is trending. Hang out in Venice and you will find the fashionistas wearing what they presume will be the next big thing. Now go North 5 hours and every other tech guy has an app thats going to change the world? Well maybe not the world, just the way users look at their phone, which for a lot of millennials is the world. How else can you predict the next trend if your not up to date on your culture? Well I hate to break it to you kids, often times the things behind screens are manipulated. I am not here to say manipulation or screens are always bad. Rather to pose the question. What happens when we all become overly consumed in ourselves that we lose sight of spaceship mother earth? Or what happens when we skip steps and attempt the things we are not ready for? Raw Files

Credit: Mitch Linsley

Skier: The Kook

Location: Somewhere on this planet

Playtime: 00:01:26



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