Amateur Boolin//Thirsty Closeout

published Aug 2015 - 7,381 views

Well skiing is never a competition, but just like the NFL it has been known to deliver big hits, brain damage and dish out its fair shares of winners and losers. Everybody got choices, and in January '14 we arguably got a little overly-ambitious in our quest to knock off as many Dylan Thompson spots around SLC as possible.

The closeout was a peak in our Thirstyness, prisoners were claimed left and right in Cottonwood Heights that day. An 8 hour build filled with stony boolin led to the destruction of skis and a few homies. Meeks broke his eye socket and screamed like a 5th grade girl, Tone had a Cam Riley like moment and Heffy knocked it outa the park per usual. Perhaps watching all of his homies go down urged Heffy further into the backcountry, and there is no doubt that his success on one fischer, and one kitten factory ski was the first step in an inevitable transition to the Chicken Factory cult. Carbon Fiber ski's clearly hold up better than your average pelican stick!

Credit: Boolers

Skier: Fugazzi's

Location: Brackers Lounge

Artist: 40

Music: Water



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