Amateur Boolin'

published Aug 2015 - 1,920 views

The action happens REAL fast in EXTREME sports flicks these days. It's time for all you cuddys and bby squids to slow your roll and see how some of the individual banged up clips came to be. That's why we're creating the Amateur Boolers Blog. We go behind the stoney curtains on this one to bring you some Broll maybe A roll shots, we don't know, maybe we got the shot maybe we didn't... What's important is for all the kids to know that we are going to be bringing you as much content as possible from here on, hopefully without using up all our footy and saving some hammers for the movie. Since monkeys only have an attention span upwards of 15 seconds, we promise that we'll be keeping these edits nice and short so we can drop twice as many vids and use twice as many slappers.

For this episode Briggs and A40 show us sometimes you gotta give up on that nollie 4, head on down the hill to give the fellow Piff Kid and Bool-a-Holic Aforty some moral support which is ALWAYS encouraged while skiing amongst dumpsters :/

Skier: Briggs, a40

Playtime: 00:00:39



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