10 Tips to Not Sucking @ Filming

published Aug 2015 - 4,054 views

What do I do when I am not slaying rails and boosting jumps? I am out there getting the shot better than you and your dad. Sorry. Kids understand this. I go to film school in LA. Spike Jonze told me I am the best filmer in Hollywood. That being said ... Level 1 Productions, Stept Studios, Eheath, Shane McFalls, Jake Strassman, Poorboyz, TGR, DownToFilm, The Bunch, RealSkifi ? the list goes on ?. ALL OF YOU REALLY SHOULD GET INTO STILLS BECAUSE MOTION PICTURES ARE NOT FOR YOU! Grab your note pads, put on your thinking caps and sit down and learn from the master! I am sorry I don't mean to type in ALL CAPS IT WAS ON CAPS LOCK but a wise man once told me if you have any sort of wealth share it. So learn from me the BEST and maybe one day, you can be the BEST to! But probably not, I am the best. PROOF!

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