A Little More

published Jul 2015 - 1,916 views

Clips from the 14-15 season at Alyeska Resort. Wile many resorts this season were struggling to open, up here in South Central Alaska were reeking the benefits of our maritime snowpack. All though you will hear our spoiled locals complain about "worst year in history" this season in AK was unbelievable. Ok OK we didn't reach our 650 inch average this season, but we still received over 450 inches of snow. From my prospective the complaints being heard originated from the weekend worriers cubical when they -- "Didn't have the motivation to go check out the resort last weekend"-- Any one who made the effort to get after it in AK this season finished the season more than satisfied. Enjoy!

--song-- "A little more" Mahcine Gun Kelly

Skier: Travis Oen

Location: Alyeska Alaska

Music: "A little more" Machine Gun Kelly

Big Mountain


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