Anto Maudry 2015 edit

published Jun 2015 - 536 views

After months chillin' in my old computer, the shots finally got used to edit my 2015's recap VIDEO.
Hope you'll all enjoy this. Don't be afraid of SHARING or let me know if you have advices or jokes to tell me.
Huge thanks to my sponsors for all the love they give me (Atomic; Crazy Corner; Hä?wear and PAW goggles), to Prosess for letting me improve myself with them and to all the mates who rode with me last winter!
Camera: Charles A&M; Prosess; Peakles; Buldoz LIFE and Drone Valais (
Musics (in order of appearance):
Dead Obies - Love Song
Joey Badass - World Domination
L'Etranger - Ask
Take a drink and enjoy!

Skier: Anto Maudry

Location: Valais, Switzerland



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