7 Seconds from the Global Melting

published Jun 2015 - 1,187 views

Colleague Bemmet Rown and I conducted an experiment spinning a 2160 back to the future. What we found was a world very similar to our present day one except coastlines were swallowed, snow melted and species forced out. Some species such as polar bears migrated North but they were no match for global melting. Antarctica was gone and with it the bears. The last of these winter species to survive rising temps and rising sea levels was the American ski bum. I had the pleasure of meeting the last ski bum and this is his story. Well 7 seconds of it, during time travel the gorpo files corrupted and I am working right now with modern days best and brightest to recover it! The story is alarming and as soon as I can piece it together I will drop (weather dependent) the movie/PSA/edit or whatever you kooks want to call it! Stay Kooky my friend!

Credit: @kook.lyfe

Skier: @kook.lyfe

Location: Antartica (in the future)

Artist: Allah-Las

Music: Busman



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