RIKSGRÄNSEN | Old Classmates

published Jun 2015 - 1,974 views

RIKSGRÄNSEN is Old Classmates 5th edit from this season! This time Felix and Emma are heading out from the park and in to the backcountry, going north of the polar circle to one of the most playful mountains in Sweden - Riksgränsen! They built a ton of BC kickers and were joined by Erik Lundmark and Maude Raymond!

Riders: Emma Dahlström, Felix Lundin Pikner, Maude Raymond, Erik Lundmark

Credit: www.Tusentusen.se (Oscar Byström n' Elias Bergkvis

Skier: Maude Raymond, Emma Dahlström, Felix Lundin, Erik

Location: Riksgränsen, Sweden

Artist: www.soundcloud.com/yanejorke

Music: Philip Israelsson



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