Home base // Speedflying (Rotsethornet, Volda)

published Jun 2015 - 863 views

By Marius Beck Dahle :
This is where I live. A small town on the western coast of Norway called Volda.

All of these flights are from the past couple of weeks, from our small mountain named Rotsethornet. There's no road for cars yet, so you have to hike it every time. Hopefully, they'll make a road someday. That would open alot of oppertunities for visiting speedflyers, paragliders, hangliders, mountainbikers, you name it.

Seveal of the residents in Volda can't stand this small, but yet big mountain. But guess what, I love it! It has only 649m (2.130 ft) of altitude, but you'll enjoy every one of them, every time!

Credit: Marius Beck Dahle

Big Mountain


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