Sunny Spring Slush Session To Send Out The Season | You & The Fools, Ep. 5

published May 2015 - 590 views

The fools came together one last time to celebrate the end of the ski season. This episode is all about the last days on the mountain and enjoying the finest spring skiing this season has to offer. It even gets so hot that the big slush run they created melts right before their eyes. But all the sliding and dripping snow does not stop these skiers from having a good time. Thanks for following the fools over the last months. Without you, "You & The Fools" would be only "The Fools". Have a great summer!

Credit: El Flamingo Films

Skier: Jochen Mesle, Pete Oswald, Max Kroneck, Flo Preuss

Location: Silvretta Montafon



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