Empire - Movie Trailer

published Apr 2015 - 1,105 views

Empire ? A film by Marco Jørger
Here is the trailer to our upcoming movie Empire. This year I was filming most of the time and I managed to get enough footage to make a movie. The movie is going to last about 15 to 20 minutes.
We had no budget but that wasn't any problem because all you need to make a movie is a camera and a couple friends having fun.
Full movie dropping fall 15.
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Marco Jørger
Riding by
Marc Paosut | Gian Marchet | Marc Welschinger | Andri Tuor | Corsin Näff | Simon Zogg | Moritz Boll | Jeremy Sauter | Aaron Berger | Colin Frei | Jonas Di Lanzo
Riders supported by
Nidecker Snowboards | Coal | Surface | Scott | Icelantic | Majesty | Out Of | O'Neill | Never Summer Industries | Amplid | POC
Music by
Ruby The Hatchet
«Heavy Blanket»

Credit: Marco Jørger

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