Leaks Of The Industry:: Episode 2 Scrappy Joe X The Bunch

published Apr 2015 - 2,967 views

Scrappy Joe Young has a lot of trouble dealing with his haters and their criticisms. Many industry professionals have described his style as forced and stereotype him as a soulless robotic comp jock. Last spring, Scrappy decided that he'd had enough with the industry's disapproval so in an attempt to "find himself," he fired his coach and decided to take some pointers from The Bunch by joining their annual Mt. Hood Spliff Sessions. Unfortunately, things didn't go so well and none of Scrappy's "bangers" were finesse'sin enough to make the movie. He was not invited back to "Creation Nation" and is most likely going to return to the comp circuit after this letdown. Please comment POSITIVE feedback below to encourage Scraps to follow his dreams as a high-spirited Soulryder instead of retreating to life as a dreary cyborg.

Credit: @thebunchstagrams

Skier: Squiddy Joe Seaside

Location: Mt. Hood Backcountry

Playtime: 00:01:26

Artist: Mr. C The Slide Man

Music: Cha-Cha Slide



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