Streetnation scores 2nd place at VideoQuest Owl's Head 2015 - Dave Pauzé & Gabriel Carrier

published Apr 2015 - 399 views

Just another day of ollies, transfers, tailtaps and 180s at Quebec's Owl's Head resort? Balderdash! Whether they know it or not, filmer/editor Gabriel Carrier and skier David Pauzé are reluctant physicists on a mission to demonstrate Einstein's work on the space-time continuum and how objects in motion experience time at a slower rate than those at rest. Oh, it's all so confusing. What does it all mean? It means this crew skied their way to 2nd place at iF3 VideoQuest Owl's Head 2015.

Credit: Gabriel Carrier (Streetnation)

Skier: Dave Pauzé

Location: Owl's Head, QC



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