Ski The Rock: Cha Cha

published Mar 2015 - 252 views

With record low snowfall across much of the Western US this year, it is easier than ever to feel the potential threat of the diminishing habitat of the snow enthusiast.

And with this apparent loss of habitat is a loss of morale. An overall loss of stoke.

A small group of individuals in SouthEast Idaho has set out to keep their stoke alive, and in doing so has created their own snow dance for the spirits. How do you say? Ah, yes... Cha Cha!

Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles
@PandaPoles #PandaPoles

Credit: TanSnowMan

Skier: TanSnowMan, Bo Ferro, Matt Tsakrios

Location: Pebble Creek, ID

Artist: Balkan Beat Box

Music: Cha Cha



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