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I have been waiting for this setup for quite some time now.

I want to give a huge Thanks to my brother Domo for driving me off a jump with out killing me. Also, a big thank you to my home boy Jon Blaze for hooking it up with this fresh beat.

Do not try this at home kiddies :)

Once again, check out Jon Blaze's SoundCloud. He has a lot of really good tracks on there. This one in particular, "GoodSong" was originally done by Blur. Jon released his remix about a year ago.

My next collab video will hopefully be with Mister Paradox. A musician from my home town. The only thing that stands in our way of collaborating is a technical issue. Does anyone know how to make SoundCloud MP3-Downloadable? If so leave the answer in the comment section below.

Oh! and uhmmm... If you have a Gmail account, please sign in with your username and password so you can subscribe!

Thank Y'all!


Skier: Nicolo Petrocci

Location: Syracuse

Artist: Jon Blaze

Music: GoodSong


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